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Umbrella Insurance in Leduc

While we all know about home, vehicle and life insurances, most people may not be aware of the potential additional liability. Umbrella insurance goes beyond tangible products or materials. It provides an additional layer of security to those who are at risk of being sued for damages to other people’s property or injuries caused to others in an accident.

Umbrella insurance is additional liability insurance. This type of insurance policy is designed to help protect you from major claims and lawsuits and as a result, it helps protect your assets and your future. Umbrella insurance also provides additional liability coverage above the limits of your homeowners, auto, and boat insurance, etc.

If you need cover or protection against libel, vandalism, slander or invasion of privacy, umbrella insurance comes in handy. Leduc Insurance Agency Inc. provides umbrella insurance coverage in Leduc and surrounding area. .

Umberala Policy Coverage

The Umbrella policy shields you from having to pay when you’re found at fault. What a personal umbrella policy may cover:

A lawsuit settlement results from an accident at your home, yard or pool.

Damages or medical expenses a guest incurs from an injury at your home.

Damages you cause to someone else’s property, such as accidentally crashing a car into someone’s home.

Defamation judgments

What a personal Umbrella policy does not cover:

Your personal property

Disputes about contracts


Intentional or criminal acts 

The premium for an umbrella insurance policy may be less expensive if the policy is purchased from the same insurer who provided auto or home insurance for you. Umbrella insurance will also cover your legal expenses and loss of income while preparing your legal defense. 

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A personal umbrella policy may benefit almost anyone who wants liability coverage beyond the limits of their underlying insurance policy, such as auto, home or renters. Contact a local agent for more details regarding umbrella insurance in Leduc and  help determining whether a PUP is a good option for you.

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