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Reliable Commercial Insurance in Leduc

Leduc Insurance Agency Inc compares up to 5 quotes from Canada’s most esteemed commercial business insurance providers to find you the best rate for commercial insurance in Leduc, Edmonton, and surrounding areas. Be certain that your business is covered from unforeseen circumstances with proper liability and contents coverage. We can help you find affordable coverage that is specific to your business’ needs.

Insurance made simple. Talk to one of our broker or get started online with your personalized commercial insurance quote today.

We’ve Got You Covered

If you are a business owner, it is important to ensure that your business is protected. Leduc Insurance Agency Inc. can provide you with insurance coverage to safeguard and protect your business and assets against any unforeseen circumstances.  

We provide commercial  insurance coverage for all types of businesses. Whether you own a retail business, a hair salon, a restaurant, a real estate agent or any other type of  small/medium-size business, our commercial team can provide you with business insurance solutions that are  customized to cover your specific needs. 

Call us to know more about our wide range of commercial insurance coverages. 

The Importance of Commercial Insurance Coverage for Your Business

Liability coverage is the most important coverage for any type of business, and it should be set up from the moment the business is open. In all types of business, there is some type of liability exposure (someone getting injured, damaging property, tenants legal liability, cyber risks, etc.). Risks will vary for each business, but if someone were to take legal action against your business and you didn’t have coverage, there is a significant possibility for both business and personal bankruptcy.

Contents/equipment/stock coverage can be extremely important as well. If you rely on high value items for producing your type of work, or if you store a large amount of stock, having the proper coverage could significantly help if something were to happen. Experiencing any type of loss to your equipment or stock could result in an impact to business operations, income and potentially the future of the business

Committed to Serving our Clients

We know that insurance can be complicated. What can be MORE complicated is when your business isn't covered.  Let our small business help yours. We can ensure you have made the right choices to keep your business protected. Our team of excellent commercial insurance specialists can help you figure out exactly what you need. Give us a call or submit a quote online. We look forward to learning more about your small business and how we can help protect it.

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