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Cyber Insurance Coverage in Leduc

When you have an online business or are running a website, a lot of data will be out there for people to access. If you are taking payments online, the risk of a data breach is especially high. This creates a potential problem not only for you, but also for your clients.

Protect your business with the help of cyber insurance with Leduc Insurance Agency We provide coerage for private information as defined by law, business and proprietary information, third party service providers who perform activities on your website, privacy liability and more.

With the help of Leduc Insurance Agency, you can go a step further and cover sensitive customer information such as social insurance numbers, credit card numbers, driver’s license information, health records and more.

We offer cyber protection coverage that goes beyond any insurance offered today to meet individual consumers' evolving needs and preferences. It includes protection for:

Cyber-attack: recovery of data and restoration of systems that have been lost or damaged;
Cyber extortion: payments and assistance in responding to demands to damage, disable, deny access to or disseminate content from devices, systems or data;
Online fraud: coverage for scams that result in a direct financial loss to the policyholder and;
Data breach: payment for services if third-party private personal data entrusted to a household resident is breached.

Reasons to Purchase Cyber Insurance

The internet is a place too wide to be gauged by any one person alone. While there are undoubtedly many benefits of the internet, there are also certain disadvantages. These disadvantages can lead to damages of significant magnitude. Below are a few instances in which cyber insurance might come in handy.

  • Protection in cases of hacking: Businesses, both big and small, can be targeted by hackers aiming to cause financial damage to the firm. 

  • Data breaches and leaks: In today’s world, data is akin to new gold. Hackers have an incentive to break into your system to steal not only your money, but also your data, along with the data of your customers. What’s worse, is that standard property insurance plans do not cover data leaks. 

  • Credit card data: If, for any reason, you lose credit card data, you will have to face severe penalties.

  • System shutdown: If an internal agent (such as an untrustworthy employee) or an external agent (such as a hacker) manages to shut your systems down for even a few minutes, you will face heavy losses. Any property insurance does not cover these losses. 

  • Claims in print or digital media: Every statement uttered by your business or an employee of your business can cause severe damage to the reputation of your business. It can also lead to multiple claims. Defending these claims is a costly affair. 

  • Loss of third-party data: Third-party data is crucial for any firm, and if it is lost, your firm could be liable to pay for damages, especially if the loss of such data leads to a data breach. 

  • Reputation: There can be many reasons, some of which might be unexpected, that can put a dent in your business’ reputation. In today’s world, our businesses are online, and that is where they can be harmed in so many ways. It is safer to ensure your reputation than to be sorry later. 

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We also provide insurance coverage for your business and agriculture purposes. If you need cyber insurance in Leduc, reach out to our agency today. To find out more contact us today!

Wondering Why Cyber Insurance Is Vital?

Learn more about cyber insurance and how it can benefit you!

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